Comprehensive Fashion Product Solutions

All-round design process begins with market research and theme creation, leading to product design and development, as well as collaboration with clients to meet their needs

+ Fashion print

+ Packaging design

+ Garment trims and accessories

+ Theme creation

+ Market research

+ Product development

+ Supplier management

Theme Creation

Before product development, I conducted comprehensive market research, store inspections, and supplier meetings to gather insights for new themes. This involved creating diverse trend reports, colour palettes, and mood boards to kickstart the design process. Subsequently, I collaborated closely with buyers and merchandisers to actualise the development of new fashion products.

Fashion Pattern & Placement Print

Different patterns and placement prints are designed to align with specific themes. For instance, the 'Miami Collection,' 'Ann-Kathrin X Colloseum,' 'Oktoberfest Collection,' 'Kendall & Kylie X Colloseum,' 'California Collection,' and 'Festival Collection'—were successfully implemented. These designs drove substantial revenue and heightened brand awareness for Colloseum.

Sustainable Packaging & Product Development

Through close collaboration with factories and external suppliers, I designed and developed various packaging and bag concepts, prioritising sustainability and functionality. Utilizing eco-friendly materials like FSC paper, seed paper, bamboo, wood, Tyvek paper, Jacron paper, and corkboard, these products serve not only as containers for goods but also as decorative and personal storage solutions.