Total Branding Strategies

A holistic approach to branding design, encompassing visual elements ranging from logo design and company collateral to marketing materials

+ Visual identity

+ Logo design

+ Marketing collateral design

+ Typography

+ Photo retouch

+ Visual merchandising

Fashion Branding Design

In the German market, Colloseum prioritises trendy and cost-effective clothing, empowering women to embrace their individuality confidently. As a graphic designer, I contributed significantly by setting brand guidelines for uniformity in all brand assets. My responsibilities also involved designing diverse branding materials, such as websites, newsletters, and marketing assets, aimed at boosting the brand's image and product promotion.

Tradition & Modernity

HerBelief, a spot for traditional Chinese health care, and its branch, HerBrew, known for herbal teas, share a common look. The simple line-drawing logo mixes Chinese elements like the Five Elements, Yin Yang, herbal leaves, and a medicine cup, representing balance and natural health. Using green and coral colours, the design feels fresh and cozy, showing growth and holistic care. This project covers making logos, business cards, aprons, packages, and tea cups, blending ancient Chinese knowledge with a modern style.

Simplicity Style

Creating the visual identity for eFlo Urology, a clinic offering extensive urological care, involved a thoughtful design approach. The logo presents a balanced look through subtle font styles with dynamic, refined lines. I also used teal and white to keep things clear and straightforward, reflecting the clinic's style. The project involved creating the logo and various essential materials like business cards, packaging bags, notices, and nameplates. The main goal was to create a clean and consistent look that matched the clinic's image.

Bridging Branding & Marketing

During I design for different branding collaterals, I tailored each design to mirror the essence of the specific brand. For instance, Mutual Work Limited's visual identity incorporated moire patterns to honour Chinese culture, while the "A+" symbolised the studio's professionalism. Beyond corporate branding, I extended my work to encompass posters and display designs, aiding brand and product promotion. For the House of Marley's Earphone event, I drew inspiration from Bob Marley's spirit to create posters, packaging, and displays, infusing the vibe into the design, thereby amplifying the promotional impact.